"a finely tuned piece of theatre with sharp characterisation - strong narrative drive"
Spotlights magazine
"stylish and literary adaptation and theatrically exciting production - continuously keeps the attention of the audience."
Mary Shackel, local reviewer

CAST: 4 men, 4 women
STAGING: Simple, flexible
LENGTH: 90 mins
Brief Synopsis:

Set in the 1870s, the play is adapted from the novel by Henry James. It tells the story of an attractive, intelligent young woman from New England who, after inheriting a fortune, is snared into an unhappy marriage - and of the consequences.

A swift, moving ensemble piece set in England, Italy and the USA, requiring a small company of actors to narrate the story and play assorted roles.
First presented by:

Bromley Little Theatre, Kent (April 2003).

CAST: John Drewry, Carla Evans, Brian John, Muriel Kidd, Anthony Ring, Pauline Sammon, Tammy Stone and Burtie Welland.
DIRECTOR/DESIGNER: Raymond Langford Jones.

Original production images:

Images by Tim Hinchliffe.
You've sent him off.

I've asked him to leave me alone.

I find you fearfully changed.

England has changed me.

Mrs Touchett:
I suppose after a girl has refused a Lord, she may refuse anything.

I thought you disliked the English?

Mrs Touchett:
All the more reason for making use of them.

At least I'll have the entertainment of seeing what a young lady does who won't marry Lord Warburton.