CAST: 3-4 men, 1 women
STAGING: Simple, flexible
LENGTH: 80 mins
Brief Synopsis:

Sam strikes up a friendship with Bee at a summer school. Bee is getting over a volatile marriage to Josh, an attractive but confused bi-sexual man. Coincidentally Sam is also recovering from a meaningful relationship to Josh. In flashback, we watch Josh and Sam's affair develop as Josh and Bee's marriage crumbles. Finally, Bee and Sam tumble to the connection between them

The play may be staged with a flexible basic set to accommodate the action; this should move seamlessly between different locations, in the present time and over a period of several years previously.
First presented:

An early version of the play was read by The Script Readers at the Theatre Royal, Stratford (September 2009).


So, try restoring to an earlier time Click. Nice if you could do that when your life's fucked-up: Restore to an Earlier Time. Click. Pause. Click-click. Watch the crap vanish - the green line moving relentlessly along. Ping! I wish.

On sunny days, I kid myself you're away - just for longer than usual. For Christ's sake, what's seven years? Then the e-mail lands. Sits there grinning. Panic. Click. Coming to London on business and one of those stupid smiley faces. Ugh! Could happen. Can't happen.

Great! Click. Did I really say that? Triple Panic. Shit, shit ... SHIT! I mean, it's not like you're constantly around me. Course not. Only when Taxi Driver's on a burst of laughter in Costa that maybe-just-could-be The smell of your aftershave on another man's skin.

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