"With its quick and witty script, A lot of It About is a thoughtful piece of theatre"
"an entertaining, but culturally relevant piece - an affecting story that builds towards a conclusion that for once is laden with hope. Thoroughly recommended."
The Fiction Stroker, Manchester
"bursting with hope and humour"
The Yorkshire Times
"filled out lavishly with Hopkins' sharp and sometimes subtle humour - a responsible and engaging portrayal of a very sensitive issue which needs a good airing"
Nerve Magazine, Merseyside

CAST: Minimum of 4 men, 2 women, in assorted roles
STAGING: Simple, flexible
LENGTH: 70 mins
Brief Synopsis:

Ben, a teacher, has struggled to come to terms with his sexuality since his early twenties when he underwent sex-aversion therapy. Now fifty-something, unfulfilled and trapped in a loveless marriage, he argues with his younger self and revisits key events in his life.

A Lot of it About was inspired by the real-life experiences of someone who was a victim of this regime.
First presented by:

Organised Chaos Productions, at The Lowry, Salford Quays on April 2013, and subsequently at: Square Chapel, Halifax; The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool; Oldham Coliseum Theatre and the Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton Opera House.

CAST: Michael Whittaker, Brian Gorman or Daniel Thackeray, Kate Mitchell, John Dayton, Tracy Gabbitas and Sanjay Sutar.
DIRECTOR: Alex Shepley


There are days when it's like someone's grabbing my throat - squeezing me so I can hardly breathe. All I can do is yell inwardly, helplessly, - but no one hears. They're all on the outside, scurrying around in this surreal world. I'm moving among them, hearing, seeing - but not one of them.

On a bad day I'll be walking along a narrow, stony path. It's blowing a gale. Inches away there's this big, black drop. Part of me wants to jump, fall into nothingness - but a voice says I don't deserve it; oblivion' too good for me.

Other times, everything's brighter, calmer; but the drop's still there.
Still taking the edge off things

Original production images:

Images by Organised Chaos Productions.
Original production trailer:

Featuring Tracy Gabbitas and Brian Gorman with the voices of Katy Mitchell and Sanjay Sutar. A Lot of It About written by Ned Hopkins and directed by Alex Shepley. Trailer shot and edited by Daniel Thackeray (damnablethackeray's channel), with music by Minute Taker (www.minutetaker.net).