CAST: 3-4 men, 1 women
STAGING: Simple, flexible
LENGTH: 80 mins
Brief Synopsis:

Sam strikes up a friendship with Bee at a summer school. Bee is getting over a volatile marriage to Josh, an attractive but confused bi-sexual man. Coincidentally Sam is also recovering from a meaningful relationship to Josh. In flashback, we watch Josh and Sam’s affair develop as Josh and Bee’s marriage crumbles. Finally, Bee and Sam tumble to the connection between them …

The play may be staged with a flexible basic set to accommodate the action; this should move seamlessly between different locations, in the present time and over a period of several years previously.
First presented:

An early version of the play was read by The Script Readers at the Theatre Royal, Stratford (September 2009).


… So … ‘try restoring to an earlier time’ Click. Nice if you could do that when your life’s fucked-up: Restore to an Earlier Time. Click. Pause. Click-click. Watch the crap vanish … the green line moving relentlessly along. Ping! I wish.

On sunny days, I kid myself you’re away - just for longer than usual. For Christ’s sake, what’s seven years? Then the e-mail lands. Sits there grinning. Panic. Click. ‘Coming to London on business …’ and one of those stupid smiley faces. Ugh! Could happen. Can’t happen.

‘Great!’ Click. Did I really say that? Triple Panic. Shit, shit ... SHIT! I mean, it’s not like you’re constantly around me. ‘Course not. Only when Taxi Driver’s on … a burst of laughter in Costa that maybe-just-could-be … The smell of your aftershave on another man’s skin.

Some malware you can’t get rid of.